Why You Need Live Construction Sweeping While Building in Surrey

March 24th, 2022

When discussing live contraction sweeping in Surrey, your first question may be what exactly is that followed by asking yourself why?

Construction sweeping isn’t about making your building site look nice. There’s no amount of lipstick that can mask the dirt, dust, and debris that inevitably begins to spread out during construction. Instead, live construction sweeping is more about ensuring that trash that’s left behind doesn’t create a safety situation for crew, upset nearby residents and pedestrians, or negatively impact the environment.

At the same time, ensuring your construction site doesn’t resemble a dumpsite will earn your business a gold star for environmental and social responsibility which could translate into more jobs. Therefore, it’s a win for everyone.

Live Construction Sweeping Protects the Environment

We all have a responsibility to do whatever we can to limit the environmental impacts of our actions. While a certain amount of garbage during construction is unavoidable, finding ways to reduce the ecological effects of that waste is beneficial for everyone. Debris created while building often piles up around the site and when these piles are disturbed when it’s windy or when it rains, bits of that rubbish can wind up in waterways, walkways, and green spaces.

Live construction sweeping in Surrey helps ensure that garbage only lands where it’s supposed to in a dumpster.

Live Construction Sweeping Helps Reduce Roadway Dust

Once again, there is often little construction crew can do to prevent dust while on the job, and while this may be inconvenient for drivers, pedestrians, and residents, dust comes with the territory. You can help manage dust on your construction site by engaging in regular live construction sweeping. It’s an inexpensive gesture that everyone living and working around your site will appreciate.

Build Your Brand and Your Reputation

Local residents and businesses rarely cheer when a new development breaks ground. No matter how courteous and conscious a developer tries to be, the truth is there is nothing convenient about living next to a construction site. They’re loud, dirty, and can be highly disruptive to traffic and parking.

You can help relieve some of the hostilities by maintaining a clean site including neat dumpsters and regular live construction sweeping. In turn, you will be showing that your business takes the health and safety of those around their development seriously which may earn you major points in the hearts and minds of the people who live, work, and travel around your site.

Promote A Safe Working Environment

While they may not complain about it as much as the person needing to wash their car every two days, live construction sweeping is vital to maintain a safe working environment for crew and trades. Busy construction sites are already an inherently dangerous place to be. Little bits of broken glass abandoned nails and other debris presents an added health and safety risk to everyone that needs to access your site.

Something as simple as live construction sweeping in Surrey can help you avoid unnecessary and potentially costly workplace accidents on your site.

Pay Crew to Do What They Do Best

Skilled trades and other specialized labour also command a higher hourly rate than what you would pay to have your site professionally swept. The key to running an efficient worksite is to have everyone working on the jobs they specialize in. This division of labour will keep your project moving, enabling you to get on to the next one quickly. Unless you have professional cleaners and sweepers on your payroll, paying trades to clean up a worksite is a poor use of their time and your money.