The Benefits of a School Properties Sweeping Contractor in Surrey

May 11th, 2023

With over 100 schools in the city of Surrey, it’s safe to say that the infrastructures supporting these schools are busy places requiring the best most efficient maintenance and care. Two major aspects of these infrastructures are well-maintained parking lots and properties. With students, staff, and visitors relying on schools for not just educational purposes but also for community functions and a host of other services throughout Metro Vancouver, school parking lots and properties must stay clean and safe for traffic. The best way to do this is to rely on an expert school property sweeping contractor in Surrey. Here’s why maintaining your parking lot is essential to the infrastructure of your school.

Safety first

When it comes to schools, we can all agree that a safety-first policy goes without saying. Maintaining a clean parking lot free from hazards such as broken glass, chemical spills, slippery composting leaves, and other debris such as litter ensures that your pedestrians can traverse the parking lot and the surrounding property without risk of falling and injuring themselves. Moreover, winter deposits like ice and snow can make things dangerous for vehicles trying to park. Much like commercial property owners in Surrey are responsible for the safety of their patrons, schools must ensure the safety of their students and staff by providing clean and safe walkways and parking lots. A regularly scheduled school property sweeping contractor in Surrey can clear the parking lots of hazardous debris to make sure students can get to class and staff can get to work without impediments.

All seasons

Metro Vancouver experiences a wide range of weather events covering everything from rain to hail to windstorms to snow. These weather patterns can cause a lot of wear and tear on asphalt parking lots. Fortunately, if you have a school property sweeping contractor in Surrey working with you, you can also access services such as snow removal, asphalt sealing, and even parking lot painting services. Whether you need leaves and branches removed after a windstorm, snow removal after a snowstorm, or parking lots salted before an ice storm, you can rely on your maintenance contractor to keep your parking lot safe and clean whatever the weather.

Cleaning now saves you later

As with most things in life, a little care and attention, in the beginning, can save costly mistakes down the road. When it comes to the parking lot and property maintenance, it’s much more cost-effective to schedule regular cleaning and maintenance than it is to deal with the fallout of neglected infrastructures. When debris is left to build over time, it can hide larger problems such as potholes, cracks, and eroded surfaces. Spilled chemicals can destroy asphalt services. Broken glass and sharp debris hidden under leaf mold can be dangerous to both pedestrians and vehicle tires alike. Debris can clog drains and cause flooding. Snow and ice left to melt can cause pooling that can be disruptive to foot and vehicle traffic. The simplest way to avoid all these issues is to have your parking lot swept and maintained regularly. The long-term costs of neglect far outweigh the upfront cost of routine light maintenance.

Schools are the central hubs of communities and ensuring their safety is paramount. Connecting with a professional school property sweeping contractor in Surrey is the best way to ensure the infrastructures of your parking lots and property are sustainable and safe for students and staff for years to come. Contact us today!