• What services do you offer to make the environment clean?

    From waste recycling to garbage truck recycling, you can easily take their services for removing waste from your property. Thus, you can easily clean your environment safe during winters and quality services by taking their services.

  • How do you help to maintain our exterior property?

    If you are looking for professional junk removal services in Surrey or the Lower Mainland, look no further! We at ABC Maintenance understand how overwhelming hauling away junk and unwanted waste from your home or business can be. That’s where we step in. Thus, with our professional junk removal services, get all of your unwanted waste removed from within your area. We realize the essential role of cleanliness in and around the home.

  • Why is parking lot maintenance important?

    It is important to maintain a parking lot to make it a clean and safe place to park your vehicle. We can easily do that for you and have the area looking professional, clean and ready for use fast! We do all services such as asphalt sealing, epoxy flooring, specialty coating, sweeping, and painting any lines or symbols required.

  • What waste & recycling services do you provide?

    We offer more comprehensive waste removal services from your residential property than the other guys. We do everything from residential garbage collection to properly disposing of garbage in an environmental-friendly manner. We will ensure that your property is clean and looking it’s utmost finest.

  • How can you help with our construction waste?

    We will handle your construction waste project with care. From residential garbage collection to properly disposing garbage in an environmental-friendly manner, we do it all. We will ensure that your property is clean and looking it’s utmost clean. We will handle your construction waste effectively.

  • What type of hazardous waste services will be provided by you?

    ABC Maintenance & Environmental provides a whole range of maintenance services and offers cleaning solutions to repair your property exteriors. All types of chemical waste, dry waste, explosive waste, removal & clean up, storage waste.

  • Which snow removal services are covered by you?

    We offer several types of snow removal services that will help you clear the road and pavement of your home and place of business, which are necessary and your responsibility by law as a property owner to make sure the area is safe. These snow removal services include de-icing, salting, plowing and brine chemicals.

  • What type of bin will you provide for rent?

    If you need trash bins for fast delivery, we suggest you go with our bin rental Surrey services. At ABC Maintenance & Environmental, we have high-quality trash bins in diverse sizes that we can drop at your place promptly by our team of experts.

  • How do you help in removing commercial waste?

    We can rent you trash bins for all types of commercial properties such as hotels, restaurants, shopping complexes, and more. We offer high-quality bins of different sizes to deal with their different requirements. Our experienced team of experts dispose of the bin correctly. This will save you time and effort in unloading your collected waste. Contact us today to know more about our services.

  • How long are typical bin rental periods?

    Bin rental periods usually range anywhere from 7-14 days depending on your availability, location, and usage. Rental periods can be extended at an additional daily rate.

  • When the dumpster is delivered or pickup up, do I need to be present?

    No, you don’t need to be present for deliveries and pick-ups on the site. Our crew will easily pick up or deliver as per your instructions.

  • How you help in graffiti removal?

    Graffiti is no fun and those who perform such acts are in serious violation of the law and could have property damage charges pressed on them. For all graffiti removal and clean-up, we are here. We will clean up the area using an easy and non-toxic method and power wash away all the mess on any sight, whether big or small.

  • What are the benefits of de-icing your residential and commercial place?

    It helps keep your neighbours and pedestrians on the street safe by providing them with a clear and snow-free area to walk on. Thus, you can safely and easily access the roads to enter property premises (work or home).

  • What kind of items do we accept?

    We can take any non-hazardous items such as construction materials, yard waste, old mattresses or couches, or renovation debris. If there are other articles you want to get rid of, just let us know.

  • Are you insured and licensed?

    Yes, we are fully insured licensed, insured, and certified to operate and remove hazardous waste.

  • Which payment mode do you accept?

    We accept all major credit cards, cash, and e-transfers.

  • Do I need to prepare my junk/materials of waste?

    No, you don’t have to. We do that for you, including packaging and leaving the premises clean.

  • Can you provide me with the price prior to the service?

    Yes, we give quotes over the phone or by email beforehand.

  • Which areas can be covered for plowing services?

    We do snow plowing in all sorts of small and big areas with ease to clear away snow piles and build-up outside your residential or commercial property with our snow plowing vehicles.

  • What to do with the explosive waste sitting on my property?

    If you have any explosive waste sitting on your property, give us a call to have it removed for you safely and effectively.