Handling Left Over Material from Vacant Properties in Surrey

June 4th, 2022

What You Need To Know About Residential Bin Rental

In the construction industry, it’s common practice to rent out disposal bins for leftover materials, and that’s an option that is becoming more and more popular for folks outside the construction industry. Whether you’re a landlord with vacant properties or a homeowner with leftover material following a renovation, rending a disposal bin is a smart choice for handling waste in Surrey.

However, it’s not always as simple as just renting a bin. The process of renting a bin can get a bit complicated if you’ve never done it before or aren’t sure what you need. Not all bins are residential friendly for leftover material handling in Surrey.

One important thing to consider is the size of the bin. Standard bin sizes are typically between five and twenty yards, and the size of the bin you need will depend on the project. Clearing out vacant properties or handling leftover materials typically require smaller bin sizes, whereas clearing a construction project or remodelling a home would likely require something bigger, as the waste products are usually larger bits of rock, beam, or roof. However, if your seemingly smaller project requires disposing of appliances, you might want to get a bigger bin. The folks at the bin rental company you decide to work with will be able to help you choose the bin that’s right for you.

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You should also consider the other kinds of services that the bin rental company offers. After all, once the bin is filled up, all that waste needs to go somewhere. Look for someone who offers competitive prices for waste removal services, and who adheres to environmentally safe best practices, especially if you happen to be disposing of hazardous or organic waste products.

ABC Maintenance offers clean, safe, and efficient hazardous, chemical, and even explosive waste collection. They are considered the best hazardous waste removal company in the entire lower mainland and for good reason. If you don’t know where to dispose of your hazardous waste, ABC Maintenance offers on-demand waste collection. Just give them a call and you can rest assured knowing that your leftover hazardous material has been disposed of safely.

Many bin rental companies are willing to work with you, dropping off your bin and picking it up again when it’s convenient for you. However, that doesn’t always mean that bin pick-up will happen right away. You will need to give the company some heads up. At least a day’s notice should be fine but double-check their pick-up policy before you decide to hire them. Also, make sure you double-check what their policy is on last-minute cancellations or changes. Things don’t always go as planned; perhaps you need a second bin or need it for another day. While most companies are understanding the fact that things change, that doesn’t always mean that last-minute changes won’t cost you anything.

ABC Maintenance provides bin rental and waste collection to the entire lower mainland, including Surrey and Delta. They strive to deliver quality customer service and are willing to work with you to get that project finished in no time. Click here to find out answers to some of their most frequently asked questions when it comes to bin rental and waste collection.

So, next time you need waste removal services, big or small, call the experts at ABC Maintenance.